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Affiliate Certificate

This certification is granted to Natural Healing Center for completing the training and utilization of the devices listed below. This does not apply to any other devices and/or protocols offered at this location. Certificate only valid for the location listed here.

Company name:Natural Healing Center

Certification ID:11001-1086


Address:1601 Dove Street, Suite 110

City:Newport Beach



Phone:(714) 549-4435

Web site:


Devices offered:


Oxygen:Maxx O2


Date certified:09/21/2019

Date of last training:09/21/2019

Certificate expiration date:09/21/2020

Disclaimer: This certification does not imply that this location can diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. Devices & protocols approved by Superhuman Health & Performanceâ„¢, a division of Da Vinci Medical USA.

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