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PEMF e.g., Bemer, iMRS, etc.

EWOT e.g., Maxx O2 or similar. Must be high - flow. O2 delivery devices that connect to an oxygen generator do not count.

Light Pod. Must be a full body light pod. We do not accept light panels or partial body LED applicators.


SUPERHUMAN Health & Performance™ Locations

SUPERHUMAN Health & Performance™ locations strictly offer BEMER®, Maxx O2® EWOT & TheraLight® 360HD Red Light Beds. These dedicated facilities are trained & certified yearly. 

SUPERHUMAN Protocol™ Certified Affiliates

These are locations that offer the SUPERHUMAN Protocol™ products within their facility. They may also have other protocols & equipment that are not part of the SUPERHUMAN Protocol™. They display the above Superhuman logo on their home page which links to their online certificate.

General Locations

These locations offer at least one or more "similar" technologies (PEMF, EWOT & Red Light), but do not use all three of the approved technologies in the Superhuman Protocol. Their PEMF, EWOT & Light products may vary.

WARNING: Click here for non-certified Superhuman Protocol®️ locations claiming to be certified.