Add your business so customers seeking PEMF, EWOT & Light Therapy can find you! Complete all fields and click send. Your submission is reviewed by a Superhuman and will be added to our system if approved. If it is not approved, you will be notified.


To be approved, you must have at least all three technologies:

PEMF e.g., PEMI by PureWave, Bemer (no longer accepted)

EWOT e.g., HyperMax OR Maxx O2.

Light Pod. Must be a full body light pod by Theralight.


To become a Superhuman Protocol™ Certified Affiliate, you must have all of the following: PureWave, BEMER, HyperMax, Maxx O2 and NovoThor, TheraLight 360 HD light or TheraLight FIT bed. These listings appear above all other locations, but below Superhuman Health & Performance locations.

There are 3 types of accounts:

SUPERHUMAN Health & Performance™ Locations

These are branded and dedicated facilities that fall under our “licensing & franchise” clientele. SUPERHUMAN Health & Performance™ locations offer strictly PureWave, BEMER®, HyperMax, Maxx O2® EWOT & TheraLight® Red Light Therapy exclusively. These dedicated facilities use the 3 approved technologies and are trained & certified yearly. Their facility cannot offer any other protocols other than what we have approved.

Price: To become a Superhuman H&P Location, please contact sales for a direct quote. 888-391-5350

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SUPERHUMAN Protocol™ Certified Affiliates

There are locations that offer the SUPERHUMAN Protocol™ within their facility and use approved products and protocols, but are not dedicated SUPERHUMAN H&P locations. They may also have other protocols & equipment that we are unaware of which are not part of the SUPERHUMAN Protocol™. They wear the above Superhuman logo on their home page which links to their certificate. Your search results appear above all General locations and just below any Superhuman H&P locations near you. If there are no locations near you, you will be at the top of the search results.

Price: $399/mo

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General Locations

These locations offer at least one or more "similar" technologies (PEMF, EWOT & Red Light) but do not use all three of the approved technologies in the Superhuman Protocol. Their PEMF, EWOT & Light products may vary and many locations may only have 1 or 2 of the 3 required technologies. In addition, they may be using products and protocols with no proven results.

Price: Free


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